The state of sports in Kenya

I wrote this about two weeks ago and circulated it to my relevant media and sports networks. It has been a while since I wrote…both blogging and sports journalism and in many ways I felt so inspired, writing for a good course. While this article is just a drop in the ocean, it reflects the state of sports in our country- which to say the least is very saddening. Happy to report though that following this and of course many other efforts to pile pressure on the management, some of the players’ allowances were remitted and hopefully they can receive all their dues in the next few days. We however stand firm in #AlutaContinua💪 until the rights and welfare of Kenyan sportsmen are upheld!
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In a man eat man society, Kenyans sportsmen and women continue being on the lower side of this bargain. Our local leagues, characterized by poor training conditions, indiscipline in paying players their dues on time and general lack of emphasis on player wellbeing – sporting in Kenya continues being the classic example of a man eat man society.

The Kenya Premier League is one of the leagues marred with numerous irregularities on player remunerations and well being. For a league boasting the best of Kenyan football talent, teams are still a long way from sufficiently resourcing and upholding the rights of players.

Brookside sponsored Thika United is one such team that has been on the spotlight in the past few months for not remitting allowances to its signed players for months! As is practice in the KPL, players are signed onto teams on contract basis, with clear clauses on payment, rights and obligations. Upon on boarding however, Thika United players are forced to contend with a different reality- of team mismanagement and lack of commitment on payment.

Standard practice at the team has been that players are paid their allowances at the first training session following a weekend game. For the past few months however, the training grounds of Thika United have seen less and less players showing up for trainings, due to lack of consistency in allowance remittance. Further worsening the situation, the management has been silent on when the players will be paid and why they are not being paid. A few spirited players still show up on the grounds and train, and while unmotivated; play their KPL games over the weekends, with the hope that the next training week will bear fruit. Come Monday, the cycle of no pay and silence on the part of the team management continues. Some players in disbelief keep asking themselves, ” How is this same body that isn’t being fed, supposed to win a Premier League title?”
Indeed a sad state of affairs!

The Thika United players are among the hundreds of other Kenyan sportsmen who are barely surviving, yet they fly the Kenyan flag high. We love watching them play, they make us proud; our footballers, our athletes our rugby players, our volley ball players! Its time we returned them a favour, let’s not be silent as our sportsmen suffer and are mismanaged. Its time we demand that like all other professionals, sportsmen deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

We are calling on the management of Thika United to be accountable to the players, the fans, the sponsors and the entire football fraternity on the way forward and their intentions in resolving this stalemate. It is our sincere hope that the course of sports in the country will move towards upholding justice, accountability and integrity!


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Into the Unknown…


Vicky's Tinted Spectacles

So, the day draweth nigh. When the giggles and games of girlhood are abandoned for the whispers and wondering of womanhood. The pretend pots and pans become bigger, harder, heavier, and the fires are hotter, and way less smokey than the little grass fires in our play kitchens. The boy who pretended to be “daddy” as I played “mommy” is not going to go home this time. Instead, he is talking to my father, and his father is with him. He wants to take me away. I suddenly feel shy, and afraid.

“Afraid of what?” I ask myself. I ponder and wrestle with the question, but all I get is, the Unknown.

The abyss of the Unknown stares blankly at me, one minute laughing, the next crying, then afterwards just staring, silent, divulging no secrets. “Why are you acting like this?” I scream into the void.

Do I not like…

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International Dance Language

DANCE TILL YOU DROP!!!!! I just cant,,I Just cant, I just cant control my feet….

There are  many international languages, that do not require a word for the message to be conveyed. Music, money, dance, sport, art and many others have such languages. Dance in particular has been a language I have spoken internationally, for many years. And boy oh boy, isn’t it a powerful and unifying language? Dancing to music, dancing to rain, dancing to wind and to waves, dancing with children, dancing to relax, dancing for fitness, dancing to silence, dancing to celebrate but most importantly dancing to spread love.



Just recently, on a work-related training, we were saved by the dance. After a high-pressure week and having to meet very strict deadlines, there were many misplaced nerves, resulting into minor disagreements. Up until music was played on the finale night and the whole team ‘ banjukad’ as if there was no yesterday and no tomorrow. The DJ carefully selecting music from all the countries in representation, seemed to tickle the ‘lets forget the past and shaky leggy’ nerves. I promise you that night did ten times more to team spirit, than the whole week had attempted to. (Haha… on your face week!!)

Still on the same night, the hotel manager decided, lets have a dance competition, and the idea was to copy exactly what he did and do it better, most screams win. Now, to she who gaveth birth two years ago, and nevereth danceth in almost 3 years, sheepishly joined the competition. My knees were already on fire after dancing to ‘SURA YAKO MUZURI MAMA’- for hours, since the DJ seems to have it an auto-repeat- rewind selector! Lol, anyway I somehow managed to squeeze into position 1 (this is me trying to be humble) and won a complementary night for 2!! I am yet to redeem it though,,,,everyone already feels they should be the plus one,,,haha,,,Kenyans,, SMH,,HAHA!!This was one of my few dancecapdes of recent times.

Sometimes I miss my University days, where I skipped to my loop almost every other weekend, and my knees would still hold my weight the following week. #goodoldays…lol…says the girl who has lived forever!! IN HEELS NO LESS!! HOW?!!!!! And my days  at Juja Senior School, where we really danced,,as in really danced, with our OUR HANDS UP-FOR THE REAL WARRIOR. And my dance crew- DCF dance at daystar, le sigh! 🙂 And then to mums night out, where  a couple of mum friends and I  just went wild a whole night, and had such fun!


And the list is endless… I love to dance,, dancing in many ways has been my release, rest-place, rejuvenating activity, communication tool, work-out, opportunity window, etc. Dancers would get this 🙂 

My most meaningful dance experience though was 2011, Jesus Theater, Camp Tecumseh, NJ. I helped choreograph, a song that was part of the play- He lives in you- Lion King… the hela he maamela, hela! So weekly throughout the summer, it would feature- as the final scene of the play. Fortunately or unfortunately, the last week of camp, some actors were away, so I  actually had to take part in a dance I had choreographed. I  was a bit nervous, partly due to the fact that I had to cram some lines that were part of the guy, acting has its flock. The acting, well,,was the acting, but the dancing, I enjoyed myself, the kids seemed to enjoy, we all seemed to give it our best as it was the last of the summer.


What happened next is what amazed me…my 2 American sisters, Donisha and Saphia..who are the best dancers I’ve yet met  in my life, came running up to me, and we shared a very teary and intimate Dancer-Hug. This is what I now call the International dance language. We didn’t talk, we dint say a word, the dancing had spoken for itself. That was my most memorable dance moment. Dance can speak, let it preach, let it minister, let it inspire, let it bring together, let it be expressed.


Now in closing, I challenged myself this year, to pick up some talents and hobbies I dropped in the name of being a “mum” or being a “grown-up”, and dance was one was one of this. And so far, it has done me good, even won me  some sort of vacation. I want to pick up my swimming, writing, fashion, rugby, sports commentary, emceeing among many other things. I want to be fearless when doing so too! You really never know what heights you will scale, so make a wish, take a chance, make a change with your talents. Lastly, see you at the top! Hope to see beautiful stories of talents changing lives, and making a difference.



Yezzur!! #word






My year began with a very enlightening conversation between my parents, siblings and myself. My siblings and I felt that while young people have a big role to play in looking for suitable mentors to help them walk through life’s journey,  People of my folks’ age should RAISE THEIR GAME, identify a “SUCCESSOR” and train them on a specific path. CEO’s, Pastors, Footballers, Lawyers, Chefs, need to identify young people in need of direction and mentorship and purpose to walk with them until they attain a certain capacity to do likewise.

In African politics for example, there is a very poor succession plan, our leaders all want to cling to power; until their death beds. They leave behind a state of anarchy, and in most cases, the country sinks into military coups or into the arms of corrupt politicians. A clear succession plan is mandatory to ensure smooth and effective transitions and continuity.


Back to our family new year conversation: I for example have approached 3 older/elder ladies in my lifetime, to mentor me. I am a go-getter and very aggressive, so while the first meetings with each of the three were successful, the follow up on their side was poor, discouraging to say the least! One was always caught up in her international travels to remember persistent Mary, the other just sent me emails with tonnes of information on mentorship, the third, well lets just say dint follow up….at ALL! At the time i was approaching all 3 mentors, i was at a cross road in my life in different areas: friendships, relationships, spirituality, prayer and career. And while I cant blame them for some of the wrong decisions I made and consequently had to suffer consequences, I believe that their support and guidance would have either played a role in affirming me or probing me to make more informed decisions.



Interesting enough, not too long ago on JKL (Jeff Koinange Live), the same issue was under discussion, led by a certain Pastor Gomeri and a team of high school principals. He agrees that the current “young” generation is deeply immersed in social media, and the digital world, is demotivated, directionless and distant. However, lying under the thick exterior, is a confused interior yearning to be shown how to get to the light at the end of the tunnel. I for example want to learn how to be a diplomat, how to pray with scripture, how to be a better parent, and a good wife and men tor in future. However, for me to arrive at this, I need a shoulder to lean on, a rod to correct, and smile to encourage.

A challenge to the older generation, try at least once in your life time to come down to our level. Hear us out, help us see ourselves in a different light, scold us where need be, but encourage us to keep walking.


In closing, I like the approach that the movie ‘War Room’ used.(This is a must watch!!!) That is the kind of raising game i am talking about. The kind that is persistent and doesn’t give up until the mentee reaches a point where they can mentor. The kind of mentorship that grows into a friendship and fellowship. The kind of mentorship that causes a lasting ripple effect. The kind of mentorship that raises the game so high, that the touch-down line is always in sight.



So to the young, stretch your hands, seek, push, listen and keep walking. To the old, reach out, pull up, guide and walk us to the finish line.







Hey people….Nouvelle means new…in Français (my mother tongue)…Belle is beautiful….The cross means exactly that to me…Newness…freshness…rest…Restoration of identity…beauty for ashes…and more….
My prayer is that through this blog…I may be able to spread newness…light and beauty to a person who needs it…..


So guys…welcome to i hope to take you through travel….faith…love…Parenting…sports……success….inspiration…fashion…fun…fitness…book reviews…family….events….my son…( reminds me how he locked himself in a room yesterday….that’s a story for another day)…..investment…food…and much more!
Join me on this journey…


I have been postponing the start of this blog….for years…undecided which direction it should go…but I’ve decided to take this leap of faith….and give Jesus the wheel…(of my orange land rover defender…that is soon coming)


Ok…guys…i will not continue blubbing!!
I love you…thankyou for your support!(in advance)

Khangai & Mumbashi.